A magic snowflake


A magic snowflake

In a small mountain village of Andorra, there lived a little boy called Andre. He lived with his grandmother. His mum died when he was just a baby and his dad had gone to work in a country far away.

Every year on Christmas Eve, Andre saw his neighbours’ families gather in their houses for the holiday and he wanted to see his dad very much. His granny was a wise woman and taught the boy that everything good had to be deserved. Andre always helped her about the house, was a diligent student, fed homeless dogs and gave some bread crumbs to birds in the morning.

That year, as usual, the festive lights were lit in the village in December. Late in the evening, Andre went out in the street. He was very feeling very sorry for himself. He wanted so much to snuggle up to his father, to breathe in his homely smell, to put the palm of his small hand into his dad’s big one. A cork of a champagne bottle popped in his neighbours’ house and they all cheered. A lonely tear fell off the boy’s eyelashes and a hot wave suddenly flew down his cheeks like a river. “Why is the world so unfair?” his heart cried. Suddenly the boy saw a tiny snowflake fall softly onto his shoulder and he heard a low voice saying: ”Don’t cry, Andre. Your wish will come true if you want it with all your heart.”

The snowflake was caught by a blast of wind and disappeared into the darkness. His granny called him home and Andre returned to his house, hurriedly wiping his cheeks: men don’t cry, his father had said to him many years before. Late at night, he heard bells ringing cheerfully and… somebody knocked at the door. Andre rushed down the stairs. On the threshold there stood his father, so big and so beloved! That Christmas Andre was the happiest child in the world!

We also wish you a Merry Christmas! This is the holiday of peace and goodness, the holiday when all your dreams come true if you want it with all your heart!

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