Little mouse Carlito

Little mouse Carlito

mouseUnexpected meetings that change our thoughts and our attitude to people often happen in our life.

Once I made friends with a magician named Carlos. He came from Germany and lived in one of the streets of our town. His eyes, voice and wise thoughts made me stop to listen and speak to him.

We discuss different topics: from politics to everyday gossip; we speak about people who forget about who they are, rushing into the whirlpool and the darkness, thinking only of money, of life without difficulties, of spending their days lazily, forgetting to do good things and to look for happiness, forgetting the TRUE WAY OF HUMAN BEING.

Tonight, coming back home, I see him in his usual place in the street.

I come up to meet him and Carlos says to me ” Would you like to see something?” Then he stretches out his hand and opens his fist ” Wow, what a surprise!” There, cuddled up in the middle of his palm is a small and pretty mouse.

I start talking to it ”Hi, little mouse! What’s your name? Why are you here?”

The little mouse answers me, ”Pi-pi…

Hi, Marselka! This morning I got up very early as usual. Mother cooked a delicious breakfast for me. Then I went for a walk. Suddenly a fierce rainstorm began. I hid under a big tree and, when the storm calmed down, I began looking for my house, but soon I understood that I had got lost. Above me, huge monsters (cars) rushed by making a terrible noise, people passed by without noticing me under their feet and several times I was almost trodden on.

The sun was setting and I began crying because I was so tired and sad. My heart was trembling from the loneliness and cold…” Mom, Dad, where are you?” And when I had begun to lose hope I felt someone pick me up. I shuddered with fear and thought ”That’s the end!” But some time passed and I was still in the warmth of someone’s hand. I opened my eyes slowly and saw the magician who was looking at me with a smile. The magician has the same name as me. He is Carlos. It was such a joyful moment! Tomorrow morning we’ll go to look for my house. I’m sure my mom and dad are terribly worried and they are searching for me.

Bye-bye, Marselka! Good night to you!”

Carlito hid again in the warmth of his new friend’s hand, in the warmth of his heart – big and kind. Carlos smiled.

– “Have you seen? Such a pretty and polite little mouse! I liked him at once. Tomorrow we’ll find his parents. There are no accidental meetings in our life, they always teach us a lesson. Good night, my friend!”

– “Good night, Carlos!”

Then I returned home to write down this nice story about human kindness. I am sure that we must learn to be ourselves, to be kind to the world around us. We live for this and must remember that our lives are unique and very short.

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