Star flower

Star flower

Once upon a time, many centuries ago when man hadn’t come to Earth yet, nature lived in absolute harmony. At night, stars sang their magic songs in the dark sky and below everybody listened to them: the birds, trees and flowers, and the inhabitants of the mountains and woods.

Once an angel, God’s messenger, was flying over the mountains, carefully carrying a jug full of starry water. This special water was transparent and magically gave life to everything it touched.

The angel was in a great hurry. He made a sudden movement and bumped into the top of the mountain and a drop of magic water from the jug fell onto the ground.

A few days later, a tiny flower started growing just where the drop had landed. It was so beautiful that the inhabitants of the mountains were enchanted by its beauty.

Once, a wounded bear cub was walking slowly along the mountains at night. The sky was covered with dark clouds and it was pitch black. The bear cub was so tired and exhausted by its wound, that it began to lose hope that it would ever be rescued.

Suddenly, in the dark night sky, it saw a small bright star that was shining warmly. The bear, noticing the star, took a deep breath and went towards the wonderful light and saw a beautiful flower, illuminating the darkness.

Exhausted, the bear cub fell beside the flower and fell fast asleep. In the morning it was awakened by birds’ songs and the bright sun and… Oh, what a miracle! It was healthy and happy again!

The inhabitants of the mountains celebrated, having learnt about the magic properties of the flower.
Centuries passed by, but this place always remained magical. Andorra is a mountainous country that has never had neither enemies nor wars. Maybe this is because the country’s kind people have been protected by their favorite flower – GRANDALIA: tender and strong, bringing health, peace and happiness!

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