The Barcelona Casino, which commercially uses the CasinoBarcelona brand, is a gambling casino located on the ground floor of the Arts Hotel in BarcelonaCataloniaSpain. It is managed by the company Gran Casino de Barcelona, SLU, which in turn belongs to the Peralada Group.

In 2014 it was the fourth company in the gaming sector in Spain in terms of revenue, with a turnover of 61 million euros.


The married couple of businessmen Artur Suqué and Carmen Mateu, through the Inverama company, opened the Gran Casino de Barcelona in 1978, taking advantage of the legalization of games of chance at the end of the Franco regime. Despite this authorization, the regulations of the time still prohibited the establishment of casinos in metropolitan areas, so, even though it carried the name of Barcelona, the casino was initially located 40 kilometers from the city, in San Pedro de Ribas, in the mansion of Mas Solers and which had previously belonged to the Marquis of la Argentera.

The new facilities were inaugurated on July 1, 1999. With the move to Barcelona, the casino went from the 2,000 square meters of Mas Solers to an area of more than 7,000 square meters, also making room for other leisure offers outside the gambling, such as restaurants and dance halls and concerts.

In 2012, Casino Barcelona was one of the first casinos in Spain to obtain a license from the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation, with the aim of being able to operate ‘online’ through your website.

The first stage of the European Poker Tour took place in 2004 at the Casino Barcelona and since then it has been a stop in all editions of the circuit

Address: Carrer de la Marina, 19, 21, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

Working hours:

Tuesday 9 AM–6 AM
Wednesday 9 AM–6 AM
Thursday 9 AM–6 AM
Friday 9 AM–6 AM
Saturday 9 AM–6 AM
Sunday 9 AM–6 AM
Monday 9 AM–6 AM

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