Andorran wine producers have now a possibility to get governmental grants

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The Council of Ministers of Andorra (Pyrenees) approved a decree on granting in order to stimulate the production of wine in the principality. Grants of 2000 euros will be allocated for the production of the best wine brands, but not more than 4,000 euros per applicant and a year.

According to the head of the Department of Agriculture of the Government of Andorra Landry Riba, this decree is a part of the work carried out by the state to diversify the activities of agricultural enterprises in order to improve the quality of products. Thus, the government of Andorra intends to improve the quality of products on the one hand and to stimulate the production of Andorran products with high added value from the other hand.

The system of quality of agricultural products and food products of Andorra is regulated by the Law “On the Development of Agriculture and Livestock”. According to the law, quality control must comply with certain requirements established by regulatory legal acts of the government of Andorra. In addition, it establishes that the state has the right to grant subsidies to those farms that produce high-quality products to help them compensate costs and reinvest profits in further production.

The regulation that establishes the conditions for wine quality control and the technical requirements that the entire production cycle (from vine cultivation to the production of bottle labels) was adopted in November 2016.

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