Andorra recieved 23.98 million euros by income tax in 2015

income tax andorra 2015Andorra’s income tax in 2015 amounted to 23.98 million euros, reported the Minister of Finance of Andorra (Pyrenees) Jordi Cinca.

According to him, this figure exceeded the forecasts of the  Government of Andorra.

A total of 13,489 applications were submitted. 1,0002 applications were filed directly through tax inspectors and 3,487 applications – via Internet. In the future, the government of Andorra intends to stimulate the process of submitting of declarations online. In addition, the government encourages taxpayers to complete all necessary documents in advance, and not in the last month, as it was in 2016 (in September last year, 60% of tax declarations for 2015 were filed).

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