Andorra establishes National Tax Agency in 2018

national tax agency andorra jordi cinca

The Council of Ministers approved the proposal of Andorran Finance Minister Jordi Cinca to establish a National Tax Agency in 2018. The agency will be responsible for the consolidation of tax collection, tax administration and control of tax revenues. The Minister also said that the government approved a resolution providing the responsibility for tax evasion. This issue will be monitored jointly by an agency, tax administration and customs. Data on violations of individuals and legal entities (taxpayers of Andorra) will be supplied to the National Tax Agency of Andorra (Pyrenees) from these institutions automatically.

According to the Minister, in 2017 the government plans to improve some aspects of the tax administration, in particular, individuals will be able to get access to the virtual office, and the procedure for social interaction with tax advisors will be optimized. It should simplify the process of tax reporting.

Plan Tax Control for 2017, approved by the government, provides a number of important actions. In particular, for levying of VAT (Impost General Indirecte, IGI) , special attention will be given to sectors that have a high proportion of added value and are outside the country.


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