Andorra and Norway have discussed cooperation between the social security systems of both countries

photo: govern

The minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra (Pyrenees), Maria Ubach, met yesterday with the minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Ine Eriksen Søreide. The meeting took place at the headquarters of the Norwegian government in Oslo. The ministers discussed a number of issues, including the prospects of concluding an association agreement between Andorra and the EU.

Maria Ubach visited the Norwegian Institute for European Affairs, where she met with the director and the author of a series of researchs on Norwegian-EU relations, Ulf Sverdrup, as well as with Niels Engelschiøn, the state secretary of the Norwegian government for Europe.

The parties also discussed cooperation between social security systems and the technical aspects of adaptation to the four basic freedoms.

Norway along with Liechtenstein and Iceland is a part of the European Economic Area. Together with Switzerland, the countries form the secretariat of the European Free Trade Association.

The association agreement between Andorra and the European Union provides for a similar regime.

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