9P71 OTR-23 Oka. GRAU classification: 9K714. NATO code: SS-23 Spider

9K714 Oka with 9M714 missile

The development of the Oka army missile system began in the mid-1970s at the Design Bureau under the leadership of Invincible S.P. The complex was intended to replace the 9K72 (Scud) missile system. Flight tests of the complex began with launches in 1978 at the Kapustin Yar test site. State tests were carried out in 1977-1979, during which 26 missiles were launched.

Development bureau: MIT (Moscow), Kolomna and Nepobedimiy OKB

Assembly: Votkinsk Machine Building Plant (USSR)

Year: 1979

In service: 1980-1987

Fire range: 400 km

Weight: 24,469 kg

Weight (missile): 4360 kg

Artillery Museum (Petrograd DistrictSt. Petersburg)

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