History of the Pyrenees with Alex Mostaslavski

History of Spain: during the Catalan wars, Solsona never took the side of the Spanish crown but always lost

Solsona (cat. Solsona): in the times of the ancient Romans, this settlement was called Setelisis, then the Visigoths, like many other place names, added the suffix “- one” to it: this is how Celson appeared. The period of Saracens’ dominion, judging by the lack of historical evidence, passed unnoticed and lasted for a couple of …

Castles, fortresses and temples of the Pyrenees and around with Mathew Kristes

Sanauja castle acquired an important strategic place in the defensive line passing along the Llobregos valley

Sanauja (cat. Sanaüja) was conquered by the Muslims on behalf of the Earl of Urgell in 951. In 1001, the castle was mentioned in the bill of Pope Sylvestre II (cat. Silvestre II) about the transfer of the fortress (“castrum quoque Sanaugia cum finibus suis” – “Sanaugia castle with its lands”) to Bishop Urgell. The …

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Pere Joan Tomas Sogero: “Legends of the Emperors’ Homeland: Ancient history, modern and contemporary history of Andorra”

Pere Joan Tomas Sogero, Honorary consul of the Russian Federation in the Principality of Andorra:

Essay “Legends of the Emperors’ Homeland”

As the legend implies, Andorra was established by the emperor Charles the Great. According to ancient stories, 5 thousands full-hearted habitants of mountain glens, who were from the place where Andorra is located now, lent their …