World Record set in Girona for most stairs climbed while balancing a person on the head

The Giang brothers climbed the Girona Cathedral’s (SpainCatalonia) 100 steps in just 53.60 seconds

Climbing up 100 steps in 53 seconds would be quite easy for some of Girona’s residents. But, the two Giang Brothers broke a Guinness World Record for doing it. They were the fastest in climbing while balancing a person on the head.

On Thursday, the two brothers climbed Girona Cathedral’s 90 steps, and 10 extra, added just for the occasion among hundreds of spectators.

The record allowed the Vietnamese brothers to become, once again, the fastest ones in the world after a Peruvian duo won their title in 2018.

The team is part of the ice rink circus held in Girona during the Christmas holidays.

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