Andorra tourist guide. Tourist attractions in Andorra

andorra_touristAndorra shopping. The capital of Andorra—Andorra la Vella, that is located in a cozy chine of the Pyrenees, from recent time can offer maximum opportunities from the point of view of European shopping. Look here for details

Museums of Andorra.  MULTITICKET (Passmuseu) has become the most convenient way for the tourists to attend all museums of Andorra (17) that tell about local customs and traditions of the Principality as well as of the outstanding Romanesque 1000-year-old art heritage, etc. Look here for details

Sights and architecture. Being a part of the Pyrenees, Andorra was  obviously swayed  by the cultures of foreign countries. Alongside with that, in spite of its relatively small territory, this country has got a lot of authentic staff, which is evident in its architecture. Look here for details

Excursions and tours in Andorra. Those tourists who visit Andorra can make a closer acquaintance with the natural beauty of its valleys and historical heritage by means of manifold touristic routes that encompass the whole country. Look here for details

Cuisine and restaurants of Andorra. Andorran cuisine is a mix of cookery traditions of the neighboring countries – Spain and France, also Catalonia, however according to the expert’s opinion, traditional dishes are cooked in Andorra more simply and the domestic way of its preparation is brightly represented in it. It also can become an additional tourist attraction.  Look here for details

Andorra in winter. Winter ski resorts of Andorra. Andorra winter ski resorts – maximum density of ski lifts per square meter in the world with the capacity of 160.000 people per hour. Look here for details

Andorra in summer: golf, carting, kayak, fishing, via ferrats, family parks. Look here for details

Caldea and SPA resorts of Andorra. Caldea.Water is one of natural resources of Andorra. Look here for details

Cycling in Andorra. Andorra is a popular stage for manifold international bicycle races , such as Tour de France,  Vuelta a España, Volta a Catalunya, World Championships and manifold gatherings of mountain bike riders (MTB). Look here for details

Ecotourism in Andorra. Walking is the best way to get acquainted with the landscapes of the country. Look here for details

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