The Union of theatre workers of Russia in St. Petersburg

The Union of theatre workers of Russia (St. Petersburg organisation (STD RF) (86, Nevsky Prospekt), a creative association of workers of theatrical art.

It was established in 1877 in St. Petersburg by actors, writers and artists as the Society for Reciprocal Help of Russian Actors.

From 1904, the society was under the patronage of Emperor Nicholas II and received the status of the Imperial Russian Theatre Society (IRTO). In 1908-09, its local departments appeared in big Russian cities.

The building was constructed in the late 18th century in Classical style. It belonged to Yusupov Princes. In 1825, the front was decorated with a portico of Ionic order (architect M. A. Ovsyannikov). In 1835, the front and the interiors of gala rooms were decorated with models and sculptures (architect G. Fossati). From 1924, it housed the House for Workers of Arts; from 1959, it housed the Palace for Workers of Arts; from 1988, it housed the Memorial K. S. Stanislavsky Palace for Theatre Workers.

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