Highest paying jobs: salary comparison in Andorra

Highest paying jobs_salary comparison

Highest paying jobs: salary comparison in Andorra (Pyrenees)

Salary in Andorra. Indicators after taxation

The most highly paid employees in Andorra (highest paying jobs) are representatives of the financial sector – the average salary of such a specialist is 5,083 euros per month.

Second place is occupied by employees of industries (3,361 euros per month), third place is occupied by the employees in the sphere of production and distribution of energy (monthly salary is 2,948 euros), and fourth by administrative and social service employees (monthly salary is 2,364 euros).

The average salary of a medical worker is 2,158 euros per month, teachers – 2,047 euros per month.

The minimum wage in the principality in 2017 is 991 euros.

The salary of the head of the Government of AndorraAntoni Martí Petit, is 5,942 euros per month (before taxation). Meanwhile, the previous prime minister had 6,603 euros per month (before taxation). This information is contained in the response to the official request of the Secretary-General of the party “Liberals of Andorra” Ferran Costa.

The salary of the Cabinet of Ministers, which is more than 10 ministers, 7 state secretaries, about 30 directors of departments (55 political positions) – in total 246.000 euros per month (before taxation). Thus, the average salary of government officials is about 4,500 euros per month (before taxes). The average salary of ministers is 5,103 euros per month.

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