Oza-Gabardito: 8 km of cross-country skiing

In the Echo Valley, you will find gentle slopes, meadows and forests to hike through unspoilt expanses of breathtaking landscapes …

There is an opportunity to spend the night in a bivouac on the snow in winter (for those who like extreme sensations).

Gabardito is located at the foot of the Pyrenees mountain ranges – Agüerri and Peñaforc, 14 km from Echo, at an altitude of 1400 m.

A cross-country ski trail (3 km) runs through meadow and forest. Another marked trail, 5 km long, is gaining altitude.

Gabardito is a natural access to Bisaurin and the meadows of Dios te Salve, Plananis and Foraton. In the mountain shelter you will find accommodation, a bar-cafeteria and equipment rental.

The Oza Valley is surrounded by the peaks of Peñaforca, Chipeta and Castillo de Ache and is located 12 km from Echo and 1200 m above sea level.

In the Espata forest you will find a trail of about 4 km (round trip). You can also find a 9 km trail along the road to the Aguas Tuertas Valley.

Address: Val d´Echo Activa, Ctra. by Oza 2 – 22720 Echo, Spain

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