Navy clock by J. Auricoste, Horloger de la Marine de l’Etat from Paris

Navy clock by J. Auricoste, Horloger de la Marine de l’Etat from Paris. Green color

The Auricoste company was founded in 1854 as a watch company of Émile Thomas. Thomas was a specialist in the field of naval chronometers. In 1889 Joseph Auricoste took over the company from Émile Thomas. From then on the company was renamed Auricoste; Joseph Auricoste’s business was on Rue de la Boétie 10, Paris.

From then on, the company was also represented at various world locations, Anvers/Antwerp 1894 – Paris 1900 – Hanoi 1902 – ST -Louis (U.S.A.) 1904 – Liège 1906 – Brussels 1910 – Marseille 1906 and at the exhibition Arts Décoratifs 1926 in Paris. The company won a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889 and 1900.

After the second world note, the son Pierre Auricoste took the business. New challenges were recorded. In cooperation with Patek Philippe, the first time measurement networks (electro-mechanical) were installed for the French Marine Warships, e.g. aircraft carrier arromanecke, La Fayette, Foch, and Clemenceau and finally the new Charles de Gaulle, the successor to Clemeceau.

The chronographs “Type 20” and “Type 52”, which were also conducted by Dodane in the program. As the diving watch, the 300 meter waterproof “Spirotechnique” was delivered to the navy. The chronographs are equipped with ETA automatic works and dubois dépraz modules.

Auricoste is still active today and has been officially “Horloger de la Marine de l’état” since 1854, de l’Observatoire du Bureau des Longitudes, du Service Géographique de l’Armée et du Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiert. In addition to various consultants in Paris, Auricoste is represented at various locations in France and in the French Caribbean.

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