The Replica 1 is a clone of the historic Apple I of 1976. It was designed by Vince Briel in 2003. It was the first Apple 1 clone to take advantage of more modern components, enabling the clone to be produced with cheaper and more widely available components while retaining the functionality of the original.

The Replica 1 is a clone of the Apple I designed by Vince Briel with permission from the Apple I’s original creator Steve Wozniak. The Replica 1 is functionally a close copy of the original but it was designed using much more modern parts on a smaller, simplified board design. The Replica 1 is designed around the same MOS Technology 6502 chip used as the core of the Apple I. Like the original, the Replica 1 utilizes simple AV in/out to connect to a television or other similar screen. It maintains most of the original’s functionality, such as the lack of a “delete” key.

Developer: Briel Computers

Year: 2003

Introductory price: $149

Processor: 6502 or 65C02 @ 1 MHz

Memory: 32 KB SRAM

Display: 40×24 character text

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