Multidimensional Bionics or aliens among us?

On September 8, the big historical event will take place: Nina Rassen, professional Russian artist of the world level, representative of an ancient princely family, member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia, honorary member of the International Academy of Modern Art, winner of the prestigious international competition Art Elitarch Awards, founder of a new style in art, will open her personal charity exhibition “Multidimensional Bionics or aliens among us?”

The event will take place at the historical and educational “Sokol” Cultural Center and it is timed to coincide with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of this artists’ village.

The event will also include a presentation of the Rassen Art brand collection and a press conference.

The artist’s charity exhibition will be held from September 8 to 29 with the participation of the International Academy of Contemporary Art and the Professional Union of Artists of Russia.

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