The exhibition Trazos del Alma, which includes artwork by Nina Rassen, will take place in Madrid 11-18 January 2024

“Splash. Rift of the Universe”

Following the success of the Art3F exhibition in Monaco in August 2023, we are pleased to announce that, in the coming year, the artworks of artist Nina Rassen will continue to win the hearts of European art lovers. The next destination is Spain. Madrid will host Trazos del Alma, a collective exhibition, which includes artwork by Nina Rassen. The opening will take place on 11 January 2024 at 19:00 at the Gaudi Gallery. The exhibition will run until 18 January 2024.

The artist’s work will be represented by the painting “Splash. Rift of the Universe.” One of the exhibits will also be the artwork “Creation of the World. The Second Day.” The reproduction of the painting is now available to all fans of the artist’s brand Rassen Art, as the corresponding print is used in the creation of leather shoes and accessories.

Nina Rassen, a prominent artist, has patented her own art style “multidimensional bionics.” As of late, the artist is a certified AKOUN, the world leader in art market information. “Jacques-Armand AKOUN is a renowned art dealer. Since 1985, he has produced the AKOUN International Auction Art guide, which is a kind of bible for investors. Therefore, it is an honour for any artist in the world to be on these lists. The AKOUN certification is the logical conclusion of an adventure that started this year for me and for all my family members who supported and motivated me to take this serious international exam,” says Ms. Rassen.

AKOUN International Auction Art now counts more than 450,000 artist names from all over the world.

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