Artist Nina Rassen has trademarked Rassen Art brand and patented a new, fine art style

The year 2023 was an unusually eventful one for the artist Nina Rassen. In addition to her numerous solo and virtual exhibitions (described in previous articles), the artist registered her own trademark (registration in the Russian State Register of Trademarks and Service Marks is dated 1 December 2023 and valid until 20 April 2033).

The trademark covers the production of names of items with the artist’s corporate logo, the list of which occupies nine sheets of A4 format: from stationery to clothing and footwear.

In addition, the Russian Copyright Society issued the artist a certificate for the object of intellectual property – her own style in fine arts, which is now officially called “multidimensional bionics.”

According to the document, Nina Rassen – in 2020 – introduced the term “multidimensional bionics, a new style in the visual arts containing in its associative range much from cellular metabolism, organicism and bionics, simultaneously showing the evolution of the living beginning, from the cell to a single organism and in different dimensions.

Multidimensional (multidimensional), that which exists in several dimensions, can be viewed and evaluated from different sides, from a certain angle, can change shape, volume and even completely transform.
Bionics is a term more commonly encountered earlier in architecture. The main method of architectural bionics is the method of functional analogies, based on the comparison of principles and means of shaping living nature and architecture.

We wish universal happiness to all fans of the artist’s work and will continue to closely follow Nina Rassen’s news in 2024!

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