RASSEN ART: inspired fashion and clothes for a good mood

“Congratulations on starting your journey with RASSEN ART. I’m glad we’re together. We’re going to be part of a legendary new world” – this is how the web page of artist Nina Rassen, who has registered her own clothing brand, opens.

Nina’s paintings have a surprisingly positive effect on people. The clothes, printed as whimsical weavings of artistic elements, are designed to fill the world with energy and colour.


The brand’s ambassador is the popular Russian actress Olga Pogodina.

The brand’s headliner is Michel, the artist’s inspiration and protagonist of the painting “Couple of the World.”

RASSEN ART (R.A.) is an exclusive high-end brand with a multi-dimensional artistic DNA. The clothing collection features the artist’s paintings transferred onto fabric. “I would very much like art to be accessible to the general public, for my works not only to be shown at exhibitions, in museums, disappear into private collections or be sold at private auctions, but to become accessible to ordinary people in their everyday lives,” says the artist.

SASHA @gildia_agency

RASSEN ART, created by world-renowned artist Nina Rassen, is not just a collection of original, colourful and extravagant clothes. RASSEN ART is intellectual fashion.

The clothes can be ordered on Nina Rassen’s website: https://rassen.art/

To find out more about the artist, click here: http://ninarassen.com/

Photo: Natalya Yashkova for Nina Rassen Art, Andrey Ignatovsky, agency GильдиЯ (Guild)

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