The exhibition of Nina Rassen, and the presentation of her brand, RASSEN ART, took place in Moscow

On September 8, the exhibition of the famous artist, Nina Rassen, and the presentation of her brand, RASSEN ART, took place in the cultural centre “On Sokol.” This significant event was dedicated to the centenary of the Artists’ Village.

The exhibition featured paintings rendered in a unique, artistic style – “multidimensional bionics.” Nina is the first woman who founded a new artistic style, a “female cosmonaut” in art, as her colleagues call her. Her canvases are painted in an individual, unique handwriting. Fantastic images on her canvases show the audience the world as it really is – multifaceted and bright…

Each painting is not just a frozen image, but also a message to the world, recognised by looking at it from different angles.

Nina is a messenger and a person of world peace. The artist is convinced that “only true inspiration can change the world, and art is a single universal language of communication, understandable to all earthlings. The universe has no racial, religious and linguistic social divisions.”

“Nina has realised her purpose and is sharing her revelation with us. Her paintings, which speak a language understandable to the entire universe, are energetically capacious, moving and illuminate the space in which they are located,” explains art historian Olga Veretina, who is depicted in the paintings.

The visitors of the exhibition were presented a collection of the clothing brand RASSEN ART. It represents Nina Rassen’s paintings transferred onto fabric. This idea was realised by the company Print Textile.

According to the artist, art should go to the people to fill the world with energy and colours – and this idea finds a vivid embodiment in everyday clothes, coloured with fanciful interlacing of artistic elements.

Russian theatre and cinema actress Olga Pogodina, the brand’s ambassador, commented on Nina Rassen’s creative method: “In hard times, works of art fill people’s lives with joy and distract them from nightmares. Without the artist, human and planetary existence is impossible. May Multidimensional Bionics as a style continue to live on! It will gain momentum!”

The audience was delighted and the discussion of the exhibition continued for several hours.

“This is very positive and energising art. You can feel sincerity in the works, it is worthy of respect. The author is a courageous person,” shares his opinion Egor Ivankov, Chairman of the Commission for the Development of Creative Industries of the Council for Financial, Industrial and Investment Policy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia.

“Multidimensional Bionics truly reflects the author’s sense of life and perception. In our time it is important to feel life – bright and colourful. Nina Rassen’s paintings are filled with this feeling,” stated Inga Legasova, entrepreneur and Chairman of the Board of the public organisation “Union of Women’s Forces.”

In 2023, Nina Rassen was recognised in the professional art world. Her works were highly appreciated by the professional jury of the 15th season of Europe’s largest International Art Award (Art. Excellence.

Recognition.), and she became an honourable member of the International Academy of Contemporary Art.
The artist takes an active part in foreign exhibitions, and her works can be seen in many European galleries. Some art market professionals even call her the “Russian Gaudi.”

Olga Ozolina, co-chair of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia, spoke about the artist’s creative path: “Thanks to her works, which have a unique character, Nina Rassen became an honourable member of the International Academy of Contemporary Art. Now we are happy to congratulate Nina with her first personal exhibition in Moscow, and in such a significant place.”

The exhibition “Multidimensional Bionics or Aliens Among Us?” ended on 29 September.

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The exhibition was organised by the Gildea agency.

All Pyrenees is one of the information partners of the event.

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