Moskvich 3 (or Moskvitch)

Moskvich 3 is a passenger car, mass-produced since November 23, 2022 at the Russian Moskvich plant. The car is a Chinese crossover Sehol X4 (JAC JS4), transported to Russia from China disassembled and then assembled using the SKD method.

Assembly began on November 23, 2022. Sales in Russia started on December 26, 2022.

On October 12, 2023, independent body welding began at the plant. To launch the welding shop, a robotic system of welding equipment was installed. On October 27, 2023, Moskvich completed the preparation of the body painting shop for the start of small-unit assembly.

At the first stage of production development, from December 2022, the assembly of cars and electric vehicles in Russia is large-scale. The car is completely assembled at a factory in China, after which the engine, wheels, suspension and gas tank are removed from it and transported in containers to Moscow, where they are assembled back on the assembly line and a nameplate with the Moskvich brand is installed (the nameplate is also made in China, and the stickers are The steering wheel and wheels are already glued on at the Chinese factory).

At stage II, from 2024, it is planned to begin small-scale assembly, and the level of localization is planned to be increased by attracting Russian suppliers with domestic components (body parts, power controls, brake systems, etc.).

At stage III, Moskvich plans to begin production of a Russian electric vehicle from the main Russian components on its own universal platform (electric motor, batteries, gearbox).

In 2022, 600 cars were produced, and by the beginning of August 2023, more than 11 thousand cars were produced.

Assembly: Moscow (Russia)

Years of production: 2022—

Length: 4410 mm

Width: 1800 mm

Height: 1660 mm

Engine: HFC4GB24D

Engine (specs): 4 cylinders; 1499 cc

Power: 150 HP

Max speed: 175 km/h

Weight: 1456 kg

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