Monument to a carriage in St. Petersburg

Monument to the carriage in St. Petersburg (1st Sovetskaya street) – carriage of time.

The monument is made of bronze and mounted on a two-stage pedestal. It is a cab carriage – a light open four-wheeled double carriage, mostly single-horse.

This monument is interactive – you can get into the carriage.

Above the carriage, on a bronze tripod, made in the form of cables, there is a clock. For this reason, the monument is also known as the “Carriage of Time”, as a sign of the edification that our time is fleeting – not so long ago, carriages moved along the streets of the city.

The “carriage watch” is connected to the Glonass system.

The monument was erected in May 2018.

The author of the sculpture is Alexander Dobrovolsky.

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