La Seu D’Urgell, Spain Catalonia

La Seu D’Urgell. The heart of the Pyrenees

La Seu D’Urgell – a city located in the Catalan Pyrenees in Spain. The city is the capital of the Alt Urgell region, the center of the diocese of Urgel and the seat of the bishop of Urgell, one of Andorra’s co-princes. The population of the city, according to 2017, was 12,458 people.

The city is located at the confluence of two rivers: Segre and Valira.

The main tourist attractions and architecture.

1. Cathedral of Santa Maria (Catedral de Santa Maria). The Cathedral of Santa Maria, built in the XII century, is the most famous building of the city and the region. This is the only cathedral in this style, preserved in Catalonia. The Cathedral of Santa Maria is built in the Romanesque style and dates back to the XII century, is the fourth and last of a series of cathedrals that were built in la Seu D’Urgell between the V and XII centuries.

2. The Monastery and the Church of San Miguel. The monastery adjoins the southern facade of the Cathedral of Santa Maria. The church of San Miguel is in Romanesque style and was built in the eleventh century.

3. The Canonic street is one of the main streets of the medieval city.

Among other significant architectural buildings of the city: the Hall of St. Dominic, the library of Sant Agusti, the Town Hall, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the Seminary, Parque del Valira (Spain) and the Diocesan Museum.

The best time to visit the city is Saturday: here on this day the city market is working, where farmers and gardeners come from all nearby cities and districts. Here you can buy any products: meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, sausages, pickles, as well as clothes, shoes, goods for children. There is also a flea market where you can buy curious vintage items.

And vice versa after a stormy day of trading on Sunday, the city practically dies out and becomes deserted. Most stores also do not work.

La  Seu D’Urgell is also famous for its water sports park (Olympic rafting park Segre). The park was built for the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992. Look here for details

For city development plans, look here for All Andorra interview with the Mayor of the city Albert Bataille

In 2016 the airport in La Seu D’Urgell was opened for commercial aviation. For more details look here for All Andorra interview with the director of the airport, Christina Pastor

You can get to the city from Andorra by taking a Montmantel shuttle. Look here for details