Andorra: industry, agriculture, natural resources

agriculture andorra

Andorra: industry, agriculture, natural resources

Climate of the country allows to cultivate tobacco  — a major crop of Andorra. There are small food industry enterprises (mostly, cheese producers) and also furniture factory. The rural dwellers are mostly occupied with sheep breeding.  Barley, rye, wheat,  oats, potatoes and grapes are cropped at the valleys and lower parts of the hills. The development of agricultural sector is limited because only 2% of the territory can be used as ploughed fields. The majority of agricultural products are imported.

There are small deposits of iron ore, lead and marble. Thermal spring waters at Escaldes area could also be attributed to natural resources. The only hydro plant in the country was built in that area.  The self-production of electric power supplies only 30% of the needs, the rest is substituted by the import from Spain and France.

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