Honda N360. Made in 1968. ZiL museum, Moscow

The Honda N360 is a small front-engine, front-wheel drive, two-door, four-passenger car manufactured and marketed by Honda from March 1967 through 1970 in Japan’s highly regulated kei class — as both a two-door sedan and three-door wagon.

After a January 1970 facelift, the N360 became the NIII360 and continued in production until June 1972.

A larger-engined variant, the N600, was marketed through 1973. All models used a straight forward two-box design that complied with kei dimensional regulations — though vehicles with the 401 cc and 598 cc engines exceeded the kei engine displacement limits and were largely intended for markets outside Japan.

The N360 featured front wheel drive and an air-cooled, four-stroke, 354 cc, 31 PS (23 kW; 31 hp) two-cylinder engine. This same engine was used in the Honda Vamos, with a beam axle/leaf spring rear suspension.

The simple N360 name, along with its variants, used the “N” prefix, which stood for norimono and translated from Japanese to English as vehicle (or car) — distinguishing the cars from the company’s motorcycle offerings.

In 2012, Honda introduced the Honda N-One, an homage inspired by the 1967–1973 N sedans.

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