Delicious apricot jam (step-by-step with photos)

Delicious apricot jam (step-by-step with photos)

To create a very tasty, fragrant jam with a smooth consistency. This jam is ideal for accompanying pancakes and fritters.

To make the jam we select only ripe apricots – those which are the sweetest and most fragrant. The more fresh and fragrant the apricots, the better the jam we have. We sort out the apricots, getting rid of the unripe, rotten and worm-eaten fruits. If they are slightly damaged (but not rotten) apricots, the damage and all defects must be removed. Wash the fruit thoroughly under running water.

Half the apricots, remove the stone and put them in a pan filled with water.

Heat the pan on a medium-high heat. Cook the apricot slices until soft (5 min). A little stuiver cooked apricots.

Once cooked, squeeze the pulp through a sieve. Then add sugar and mix thoroughly.

Put the apricot puree on a low heat. Cook the apricot jam, stirring with a wooden spatula, from 25 to 40 minutes. 2 minutes before the end of the cooking time, add the citric acid to the jam.

To determine the readiness of the product, place a drop of hot jam on a cold saucer. The droplet should keep its shape. Fill sterilized jars (1/2 litre) while the jam is still very hot. Hermetically roll up the cans with sweet preservation varnished boiled lids. Later, turn the jars bottoms-up on the towels and cover. Leave the jam to cool.

Time: 1 hour.
Makes: 1 litre.
– 1kg ripe apricots
– 700g sugar
– 200ml water
– citric acid

Bon appetit!

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