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Andorran Government approves ITV tariffs for 2019

The new technical inspection of vehicles (ITV) tariffs have just been approved by the Andorran Government. Compared to last year, they increased by 0.7%.

The new rates:

Tarifs 2018 (IGI included)
Tarifs 2019 (IGI included)

1.1 Duplicate card.
Issuing a duplicate of the transport card in case of loss, deterioration or modification of data

2.1 Use of the ITV …

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Andorra increases the purchasing power of citizens by increasing the minimum salary and pension

The government of Andorra has taken a number of measures to increase the purchasing power of citizens. The country’s politicians turned to trade union representatives and enterprises to explain the various measures relating to salaries and pensions.

First of all, the minimum wage in the principality this year increased to 1,050 euros (since 2015, the minimum …

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Andorra will invest 750,000 euros for a program to promote the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles in the principality

The government of Andorra continues to support the acquisition and use of electric vehicles in the principality. For this purpose, the program “Engega” was created (from 2019 to 2021, 750,000 euros will be invested annually in these goals). After the successful implementation of the first program from 2016 to 2018, the government of the principality …

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In 2019, electricity tariffs in Andorra will increase by 1%

FEDA’s (National Energy Company of Andorra) electricity tariffs will increase by 1.05% in 2019, which is lower than the price index. Thus, despite this increase, the price of electricity in Andorra will remain at a competitive level in comparison with neighboring countries.

“Tariffs should cover the cost of production, purchase and transportation of electricity while ensuring …

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A national computer system will be created to inform citizens about the quality of drinking water in Andorra

The Government of Andorra has begun to develop a national information system dedicated to the quality of drinking water. The system is called SINACH. It provides for the creation of a unified IT support system for all administrative resources that control the quality of drinking water in the principality.

The results of the monitoring from its …