The Council of Ministers of Andorra has approved a bill creating effective equality between women and men

The Council of Ministers of Andorra (Pyrenees) has approved a bill creating effective equality between women and men, eliminating the structural inequality that affects women and guaranteeing equal opportunities in all areas of life.

The text creation process included the country’s women’s organizations and associations, representatives of the Equality Observatory, the Government and the unions. Citizens’ considerations have also been collected via the Internet.

The bill establishes the conditions necessary to eradicate inequality, while establishing a sanctioning regime.

The main subjects requiring regulation are Public Administration – as a provider of services to citizens and as an employer through the civil service – private companies and their labour relations; and the media, advertising and audio-visual companies as agents for transmitting an egalitarian, plural and non-stereotyped image of women and men.

According to the bill, all companies must compile a register of data with a gender perspective, including the wage gap and protocols for addressing and preventing sexual and gender harassment.

An Andorran Women’s Institute will be created.

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