The number of inspections in commercial premises in Andorra will be increased, fines can reach 100,000€

Количество проверок коммерческих помещений в Андорре увеличится, штрафы могут достигать 100 тыс. евро

The head of the Government of Andorra, Xavier Espot, and the Minister of Health of Andorra (Pyrenees), Joan Martínez Benazet, appeared to explain the latest temporary measures to contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

New measures have started for residential care homes, the hospital and restaurants as well such as teleworking and family and / or friend meetings:

· Visits to social and health centres are temporarily suspended, as well as outings by residents. At the Hospital Nostra Senyora de Meritxell, visits to patients admitted to all floors are temporarily suspended. In addition, non-urgent surgical activity scheduled for this week is suspended.

· Bars and cafes: the maximum number of two people per table inside and four people per table outside the establishments is maintained. .

· Bars and cafes must continue to keep track of their customers. The times for serving the table are the same: they can be open from 7h to 19h with two breaks: the first between 12h and 13h and the second, between 15h and 16h to ventilate and sanitize the indoor spaces. The service in the outdoor spaces can be provided uninterruptedly between 7h and 19h.

· Restaurants: the maximum number of people per table is still four. The schedule is maintained as it was currently: they will be able to serve at the table between 11.30h and 16h and from 19h to midnight. Outside these hours, a take-away service is allowed.

· The number of inspections in commercial premises will be increased to verify their follow-up. The latest amendments to the Qualified Public Safety Act and the General Health Act allow for a more agile sanctioning regime. The fines are between 200€ and 1,000€, between 1,001€ and 20,000€ and between 20,001€ and 100,000€.

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