Canadair CL-215 – water bomber

The Canadair CL-215 (Scooper) is the first model in a series of flying boat amphibious aircraft designed and built by Canadian aircraft manufacturer Canadair, and later produced by Bombardier. It is one of only a handful of large amphibious aircraft to have been produced in large numbers during the post-war era, and the first to be developed from the onset as a water bomber.

Produced: 1969–1990


Cruise speed: 291 km/h at 18,595 kg and 3,050 m 
Stall speed: 123 km/hb 25° flap power off at 15,603 kg
Range: 2,094 km with 1,587 kg payload at long-range cruise power
Rate of climb: 5.0833 m/s

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