Mining dump trucks are designed for transporting rock mass in a loosened state along technological roads in open pit mining with various climatic conditions.

They can be used in the construction of large industrial and hydraulic structures, in the construction of highway complexes, as well as in the technological departments of processing industries. Depending on the specific weight of the transported cargo, the greatest efficiency is achieved when operating with excavators or loaders with buckets of the following capacity: 12.5 – 18 m3.


Carrying capacity, tons: 90

CUMMINS QST30-C engine. Engine power, kW 783 (1050)

Height, mm: 4635

Length, mm: 10350 (10340 for dump trucks with coal platform)

Torque, N * m / rpm 4630 / 1300

Maximum speed, km/h: 60

Suspension dependent for the front axle and drive axle – trailing arms with a central joint

Gross weight, kg: 164000

Transmission electromechanical

Specific fuel consumption at rated power, g/kW*h: 204

Tires: 31/90-49; 27.00R49

Width, mm: 5360

Operating weight, kg: 74000

BelAZ is a Belarusian automobile plant and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of large and especially large dump trucks, as well as other heavy transport equipment for the mining and construction industries.

BelAZ is a site for one of the largest Commonwealth of Independent States investment projects. The factory finalized two of the three scheduled phases of the technical re-equipment and upgrades. The Quality Management System applied in research and development, fabrication, erection and after-sale service of the equipment complies with international ISO 9000 standards.

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