Proyekt 1839 AS-22: Soviet submersible

Design: Krasnoye Sormovo (Gorkiy, USSR)

Year: 1982

Crew: 3

Length: 13 m

Beam: 3 m

Max speed (underwater): 4 knots

Depth: 550 m

Range: 22 km

Weight: 9500 kg

The Patriot Military Historical Park in Kronstadt (Russia)

Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard No. 112 named after Andrei Zhdanov is one of the oldest shipbuilding factories in Russia, located in the Sormovsky City District of Nizhny Novgorod (formerly called Gorky).

The shipyard was established in 1849 by companies Nizhny Novgorod Machine Factory and Volga Steam Navigation. It was originally called the Nizhny Novgorod Machine Factory. In 1851, the factory began the construction of solid metal steamers. Three years later, it developed the production of screw schooners. In 1858, the Nizhny Novgorod Machine Factory produced the first Russian steam dredger. In 1870, the first Russian open hearth furnace was built at the yard, followed by a two-decked steamship Perevorot just a year later. In 1913, it produced a dry bulk cargo ship Danilikha. The factory built 489 ships between 1849 and 1918. It also produced steam engines, carriages, steam locomotives, tramcars, bridges, diesel engines, cannons, pontoons, and projectiles.

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