Kronstadt – main base of the Russian Baltic Fleet

Kronstadt (romanized: Kronshtadt), also spelled Kronshtadt, Cronstadt or Kronštádt) is a Russian port city in Kronshtadtsky District of the federal city of Saint Petersburg, located on Kotlin Island, 30 kilometres west of Saint Petersburg, near the head of the Gulf of Finland.

In 1990, the historical center of the city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List (as an integral part of the object “Historic Center of St. Petersburg and related complexes of monuments”).

In April 2009, Kronstadt was awarded the title City of Military Glory. In May 2013, the Bank of Russia issued a commemorative coin from the Cities of Military Glory series with the coat of arms of Kronstadt.

Kronstadt was founded by Peter the Great, whose Imperial Russian forces took the island of Kotlin from the Swedes during the Great Northern War in 1703. The first fortifications were inaugurated on 18 May 1704. These fortifications, known as Kronshlot, became what we know now as Kronstadt city.

Tourism and main attractions

In 1996, the city ceased to be a closed city – entry into it for Russians and foreigners became free.

Every year, on the last Sunday of July, Kronstadt traditionally celebrates the Day of the Russian Navy with the participation of a parade of warships.

The city is actively developing the tourism industry. So, in 2018, 1.52 million tourists visited Kronstadt.

The most famous architectural monument of the city is the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas, built in 1902-1913. In addition, a number of historical buildings of the 18th-19th centuries have been preserved: the Italian Palace, “provincial” houses, the complex of the Kronstadt Admiralty, the walls and barracks of the Kronstadt fortress, the Arsenal (engineer J. Whistler), Gostiny Dvor. The cast-iron pavement in the city center is also of interest.



The temples of Kronstadt were not only places of worship, but also were the keepers of relics of the military glory of the Russian fleet. Until 1917, there were about 30 Orthodox churches in the city, two Lutheran churches, one Catholic and one Old Believer, as well as a mosque and a synagogue.

  • Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas
  • Cathedral of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God
  • Chapel of the Epiphany “Savior-on-Waters”


  • Museum of the History of Kronstadt (historical architectural and art museum) – st. Leningradskaya, 2A
  • Museum “Kronstadt Fortress” branch of the Central Naval Museum – Anchor Square, 2
  • Memorial Museum-Cabinet of A. S. Popov – st. Makarovskaya, 1/3

  • Museum-apartment about John of Kronstadt – st. Posadskaya, 21A
  • Museum of the Kronstadt Marine Plant – Lenin Ave., 39A
  • Kronstadt Maritime Museum – Andreevskaya st., 5
  • Lighthouse Service Museum – Fort Konstantin


Southern forts

Fort No. 1
Fort No. 2 (“Dzichkanets”)
Fort No. 3 (“Count Milyutin”)
Fort “Pavel I” (“Risbank”)
Fort “Kronshlot”
Fort “Peter I” (“Citadel”)
Fort “Alexander I” (“Plague”)
Fort “Grand Duke Konstantin”
Battery “Prince Menshikov”

Northern forts

Fort No. 1
Fort No. 2
Fort No. 3
Fort No. 4 (“Zverev”)
Fort No. 5
Fort No. 6
Fort No. 7
Fort “Totleben”
Fort “Obruchev”
Powder fort

Forts on Kotlin

Fort “Shanz” (Shanets) (“Alexander-Shanz”)
Fort Reef

Cultural heritage

  • Italian palace
  • Water tower. Built in 1926. (Kronstadt)
  • Gostiny Dvor
  • Petrovsky dock
  • Fortress wall
  • Lighthouse Tolbukhin

  • Footstock
  • Dam
  • Blue bridge across Obvodny Canal
  • Dock bridge
  • Penkovy Bridge across the Obvodny Canal

Transport and how to get to?

Kotlin Island is connected with the coasts of the Gulf of Finland by the Ring Road, passing through the dam. Free traffic along the southern part of the dam was opened on August 12, 2011.

With the city of Lomonosov, located opposite Kronstadt on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, until November 2011 the city was connected by a car ferry. Since September 14, 2011, after the commissioning of the last section of the St. Petersburg Ring Road, bus route No. 175 has been opened in Lomonosov.

In summer time the city is connected with St. Petersburg by excursion speed boats Meteor.

Main information

Area: 19.35 km²

Coordinates: 60°00′N 29°46′E

Population: 44 290

Languages: Russian

Currency: roubles

Visa: Russian

Time: UTC+3:00

Telephone code +7 812

Zip codes 197760-197762

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