The Patriot Military Historical Park in Kronstadt

The Patriot Military Historical Park in Kronstadt is is a large-scale project that brings together unique architectural objects, samples of warships and equipment, as well as modern art objects and sites for studying the history of the country’s Navy. Officially, the park is a branch of the famous Patriot near Moscow and has been operating since 2019.

Occupying a vast area, Patriot Park includes several separate themed areas scattered throughout the city. In addition to the main territory located in the center of Kronstadt, the museum complex also includes sites in the west and east of Kotlin Island. The main areas of the park are:

  • Kronstadt Admiralty
  • Western dam of Ust-Rogatka
  • Complex of coastal batteries of the Kronstadt fortress

Kronstadt Admiralty

This is the central zone of Patriot Park, located in the heart of the city. Until recently, the Dock Admiralty, which celebrated its 235th anniversary this year, was in a neglected state, received a new look as a gift.

Today, a historical and cultural complex of maritime glory has been opened here, including the following unique objects:

  • Restored chapel in the name of the apostles Peter and Paul, which was once built at the expense of naval officers and from which only the foundation remained
  • A unique monument to Peter the Great, which was previously located in the Summer Garden of Kronstadt and lost after the revolution: it was possible to recreate it from a copy that was kept in one of the museums of Karelia

  • Alley of Admirals is a new memorial square, opened in 2019 on the occasion of the Navy Day, where there are 25 busts of great naval commanders, including F. Ushakov, V. Kornilov, F. Apraksin, as well as outstanding scientists and shipbuilders, whose activities were closely connected with development of the Russian fleet
  • A memorial wall with commemorative plaques dedicated to the governor-generals of the city and the commanders of the Kronstadt port

Western dam of Ust-Rogatka

On the western pier of the Marine part of the Petrovsky Canal – Ust-Rogatka – there is an open-air naval museum.

Samples of military equipment are presented on the territory, warships are lined up, including the Tambov Komsomolets missile boat, the Bespokoinny destroyer, on which a crew of 20 people is serving.

Battery complex of the Kronstadt fortress

The Patriot includes the territory in the western part of Kotlin Island, occupied by fortifications.

These include:

  • Mortar battery No. 1
  • Battery “Demidov”
  • Southern mortar battery

Address: 197762, Kronstadt, St. Peterburg, Sovetskaya street 31.

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