9P120 OTR-22 Temp-S. GRAU classification: 9K76. NATO code: SS-12 Scaleboard

Темп-С is a Soviet mobile operational-tactical front-line missile system equipped with a two-stage solid-fuel ballistic missile 9M76 with a detachable nuclear warhead. The main task assigned to Temp-S was to provide the front command with the ability to deliver nuclear strikes in the appropriate theater of operations.

The MAZ-543 tractor was used as a chassis on the launcher (PU), similar to that used in the Elbrus rocket launcher 9K72, but the rocket located on the launcher was covered in a special container that opens along the longitudinal axis of the launcher after the verticalization of the rocket before launch. To control the rocket in the active part of the trajectory, deflectors on the nozzles were used. The control system uses a gyro-stabilized platform with pitch, yaw and rotation gyroblocks.

For the entire period of operation, 427 launches were performed.

Development bureau: MIT (Moscow) and Nadiradze OKB

Manufacturer: Votkinsk Machine Building Plant (USSR)

Year: 1964

In service: 1965-1987

Fire range: 900 km

Weight: 29900 kg

Weight (missile): 9400 kg

Artillery Museum (Petrograd DistrictSt. Petersburg)

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