Xavi Bonatti, professional climber, mountain guide

Xavi Bonatti, professional climber, mountain guide

Xavi Bonatti Bonet

Date of birth: 10/26/1971

Place of birth: Barcelona

Residence: Andorra, la Massana

Mountain guide, ski instructor (ski mountaineering), diving instructor

Mountain sports events development consultant, ARVA ambassador in Andorra.

From a young age, he was fond of skiing and mountaineering. In 1992 he moved to Andorra, and in 2018 he founded his own company www.xavibonatti.com.

 “In this country, which I consider my home, all these years I have developed my professional skills. Sports and walks in the mountains at a young age formed the basis of travel throughout the Pyrenees and partly in the Alps. Over the years, I more and more discovered the mountains and the people who live there.

 Climbing high peaks around the world and mountaineering allowed me to get to know these magical places and learn to enjoy everything that attracted me and excited my imagination from a very early age. Since childhood, I was interested in mountains expeditions and each time I was mentally transported there, in this magical world. And now my vocation is to guide and accompany people, in order to allow those, who are in love with the mountains, to enjoy the sensations when they reach a peak, in complete safety and with a sense of self-confidence.

 In other words, I help to open up the doors of mountaineering for those who are curious about everything related to mountains: from the conquest of mountain ranges, rocks, peaks to ice waterfalls and all hard-to-reach places.

 After all, all this is nothing more than a way to get out of your everyday comfort zone and challenge yourself in an incomparable natural environment. ”


 TD2 High Mountain: IES. Pobla de Segur

 N2A: EFPEM Alpine Skiing

 SSI Diving Instructor


Xavi Bonatti Bonet
00 376 338 198
[email protected]

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