Pic Maià (2615 meters above sea level) is one of the best “view points” in Andorra, available for ski and snowshoes tours, says Carles Gel

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Pic Maià (2615 meters above sea level) is one of the best “view points” in Andorra (Pyrenees), available for ski and snowshoes tours.

Ascent to Pic Maià is a pretty easy route, ideal for lovers of mountain excursions with a  ground level of training. The route acquaints with attractive force of calmly situated a long mountain range, which dominates in the valley of Vall d´Incles and connects with Roc Meler (one of the highest peaks of Andorra).

The starting point of the route – Port d’Envalira (2.408 m) – located on the main road that connects Andorra la Vella and Pas de la Casa. Port d’Envalira is one of the highest hills in Europe, which is crossed by a road with the beautiful views. From this point we head North/northeast toward rocky hill Tossa de Moscatosa (2466 m).

Look at Pic Maià from this point – the view is gorgeous!

From here a gentle descent heading Northwest starts (to remove skis or snowmobiles is not necessary). This descent is so long that it seems it will never end. It is better to go diagonally, moving in zigzags in order to avoid difficulties. Finally, we find ourselves at the foot of the Pic Maià, South/southwest side of it. From here begins the ascent of about 30º, which gradually turns into a marvellous part of the whole ridge.

On the right we see a giant mountain ledges that hang over a precipice.

Then we have to overcome several slopes that will lead us directly to the top of the Pic Maià (2.615 m). Tour time is 1 hour.

There is a giant transmitter and meteo station. It is situated just a few hundred m to the right to the sign pointing to the peak. 

You are guaranteed with the breathtaking panoramic views of wide horizons from the Pic Maià! You can watch all Andorra at a glance.

The descent is carried out on a similar route.

Technical information:

Location: Port d’Envalira (2.408 m)

Starting point: main road of Andorra La Vella – Pas de La Casa (passes through the Port d’Envalira)

The total tour duration is 1 hour 30 minutes (1 hour ascent, 30 minutes – descent).

The availability of the route: from early December to early May.

Difficulty: easy short route

Materials and equipment: skis or snowshoes, knives, helmet, shovel, probe

Look here for more information about the professional alpinist, the author of the blog, Carles Gel Rodriguez

photo: Carles Gel

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