US army trucks. Dodge WC-62 from WW2. Six cylinders, 3.77 L, 92 HP, 85 km/h

The WC62 was a cargo truck that was used by the United States during WWII. The WC62 had a Dodge T223 engine that was capable of propelling it at speeds of up to 83 km/h. It also had a crew numbering two men and 4 speed forward, 1 speed reverse transmission system. The total weight of the WC62 was 3,775 kilograms while the total length of the WC62 was about 5.4 meters. For a defensive armament, the WC62 could mount a 12.7mm Browning M2 AA machine gun.

Being part of the Dodge WC series of trucks and utility cars, the WC62 was designed to be used in conjunction with various vehicles on the battlefield. One particular vehicle that it was directly meant to support was the WC52 Weapons Truck. As such, parts between the two vehicles were made to be largely interchangeable.

The only factory variant of the WC62 standard truck was the WC63 which was identical in appearance, general size and weight, and use. Its main difference however was a 3,400 kilogram winch attached to its front, thus increasing the type’s length and overall weight. In the field meanwhile, some WC62s were converted into scout vehicle with the addition of armor plating.

Victory museum, Moscow.

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