The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe

The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe is a hermitage and Catholic sanctuary located on Mount Jaizquíbel, Guipúzcoa, Hondarribia, Basque Country, Spain.

Located in Mount Jaizkibel (545 m), its was built originally in the 16th century. Destroyed and built again many times due to the different sieges suffered by Hondarribia, the present hermitage dates back to the 19th century.

The main altarpiece is in the Baroque style, the work of Joan Bautista Igeluz and Jazinto Elduain and made in 1748. The altarpieces on the sides were brought from the parish. The altarpiece on the left, the one offered to Saint Sebastian, is from 1507 with renovations from 1642. The altarpiece on the right is from 1760 and is offered to Saint John the Baptist.

There are also some frescoes by Bienabe Artia from 1949.

Hondarribia’s inhabitants venerate the Virgin of Guadalupe, surrounded by boat replicas and nautical objects donated by fishermen following a vow to the virgin.

Every September 8th, a religious procession is held in the fields surrounding the sanctuary: the Alarde of Hondarribia. The traditional parade to the hermitage is the commemoration of the victory over the French troops in 1683, where each company fire guns on the virgin’s honour.

How to get to? 

From San Sebastian 25 min (20.6 km) via AP-8

From Vitoria 1 hr 22 min (119 km) via AP-1 and AP-8

From Madrid 4 hr 40 min (476 km) via A-1 and AP-1

From Biarritz 31 min (32.1 km) via A63

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