The French Marcadier Coupe Barzoï Biplace from 1971

The French Marcadier Coupe Barzoï Biplace from 1971, motor Renault 8 Gordini, 1348 cc, 120 HP, five speeds, 540 kg.

Inspired by Colin Chapman and his famous Lotuses, André Marcadier entered the automobile industry and at the beginning of 1963, in association with Marcel Fournier, presented the first French sports car in kit form: the Fournier-Marcadier single-seater. The success was immediate: elegant, light, innovative and efficient in competition, it will delight penniless drivers who thus have access to a real racing car at a reduced budget.

In 1970, André Marcadier alone continued the production of automobiles, including the brand’s legendary model, the Borzoï coupé with its “butterfly” doors. Sixteen models will be created in the Mions workshop: coupes, single-seaters, Formula 2, until the end of the 1980s.

During this period, the brand will obtain sometimes spectacular results, especially in hill climbs, thanks to talented amateur pilots facing “professional” competitors; it was the glory of André Marcadier who wanted to democratize motorsport. History does not prove him right, but will retain him as a great creator of original and ingenious automobiles.

The late 1980s and early 1990s saw the production of artfully designed and economical replicas, but which left fans of the original creations (Lotus Seven, Ford GT40, AC Cobra and Porsche 550 RS) unsatisfied.

During these long years of passion and creation, André Marcadier will bring a new vision to the world of amateur motor racing in France; production is estimated at around 600 kits.

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