Silver Simca 8 Deho from 1939

Deho was a ‘tuner’ for Simca racing cars: The SIMCA-Deho sports car was shown in 1939. At the end of 1939, an assessment was made of the first five business years, and was primarily positive. Indeed, SIMCA, had produced almost 70,000 cars and, thanks to the advised management of Pigozzi, its outlook was also good!

Outside of France, the brand was quite successful in competition, particularly the Amédée Gordini modified 508 with a 28hp Topolino motor and the 508 C, with aerodynamic 2 seat body amd 28hp Topolino motor, which won several races, the Bol d’Or, la Course de Reims for small sports cars, the Paris-Nice rallye and the 1939 Course du Mans.

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