Rochet-Schneider 20-000 from 1924 with OTTIN A Lio body

Rochet-Schneider 20-000 from 1924 with OTTIN A Lio body (France).

Rochet-Schneider was a French company, based in Lyon, that produced automobiles between 1894 and 1932. The Rochet-Schneider sales slogan was “strength, simplicity and silence”.

Like other motorcars of the Brass Era, the cars made by Rochet-Schneider were largely intended for wealthy hobbyists and made use of brass fittings, pattern leather, hand-crafted wood and other expensive components.

Early period

Edouard Rochet and his father were bicycle manufacturers before entering motorcar production. In 1894 they were joined by Théophile Schneider, a relative of the eponymous armaments family.

Between 1895 and 1901, the company built approximately 240 single-cylinder cars “Benz-type” cars. At the 1901 Paris Salon, the company introduced a range of two and four-cylinder cars. Around 1903, these were redesigned along similar lines to Mercedes.

Rochet-Schneider Ltd.

By this time, Rochet-Schneider had become one of the most respected car manufacturers in France. In 1904 the company was sold for 4.5 million francs and a London-based company called “Rochet-Schneider Ltd.” was formed. Production averaged less than 250 cars a year and by late 1907 the company was in liquidation.

Ottin was a French coachbuilder, located in Lyon, France.

This unique exhibit comes from The Salvador Claret Automobile Collection


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