The Salvador Claret Automobile Collection

The Salvador Claret Automobile Collection

The Salvador Claret Automobile Collection (Cat. Col·lecció d’Automòbils Salvador Claret) or Museu de l’Automòbil is a private family collection, located in Sils, in the La Selva region, specifically at kilometer 698 of the A2 Motorway, next to the Hostal del Rolls (Girona, Catalonia, Spain).

It was the first museum of its kind to be opened daily to the public throughout Spain. It is currently integrated into the system of technical museums of the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia.

The origin of this collection is the personal fondness of Salvador Claret (1909–1984), also founder of the Motor Club Girona, who opened his collection by purchasing a 1923 Ford T. Born in Vilanna (Gironès), Salvador Claret i Naspleda was a motorist and tourist entrepreneur.

From a very young age he was already an expert driver, with an intuition for mechanics. In 1934, he ran the Central garage in Girona, where, encouraged by various friends, including the banker Bonmatí, he set up the first driving school in Girona in 1936.

The collection includes 307 exhibits including cars, aviation equipment, motorcycles, bicycles and stationary engines, as well as other objects related to the automotive industry.

There are cars of all ages, with special representation of Catalan and Spanish industry.

The exhibition shows historical pieces such as an 1883 Merry Weather with a steam engine or a 300-horsepower Ford Sierra Cosworth with which Carlos Sainz winned Spanish Rally Champion in 1987, as well as the replica of the Bonet, the first car built in Catalonia.

Among others:

A 1954 Kapi made in Barcelona by Federico Saldaña, of which only 77 units were made during the 5 years

A Gogomobil 350 manufactured in Bilbao in 1964 with a 2-stroke engine and 2 cylinders

A Mercedes Benz 130 designed by Porsche to which Mercedes Benz applied a water-cooled 4-cylinder engine. Its design was later used in the manufacture of the Volkswagen Beetle

A David, model Duque de Montpensier, made in Barcelona in 1917 with 4-cylinder engine, belt drive and independent suspension

A 1922 Salvador made in Barcelona with an R517 chassis, a unique example made by Salvador Grau.

A Hispano Suiza T49 made in Barcelona in 1924

A Siata Española SA manufactured in Tarragona in 1961, model Turisa

A Biscuter Voisin from 1954

Address and opening hours

A2 Autovía del Nordeste, 697, 17410 Sils, Girona, Spain








Tel: +34972853036

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