Renault Group honours its employees with the Renault Frères Innovation Trophies 2023

Renault Group presented the Renault Frères Innovation Trophies 2023 at Hangar Y in Meudon (France), an emblematic site of aeronautical innovation in the 19th and 20th centuries. For this 3rd edition, 10 teams were rewarded, each having innovated in categories as varied as Industry, Quality, Customer Relations, Technology, Small & Smart and Transformation.

The winning teams, made up of Renault Group employees, were selected from among the 570 who applied this year to present innovations that have already been implemented in recent months. They were presented with their trophies by Luca de Meo and members of the Group’s Top Management.


Technology (3 awards)

– Solarbay, a panoramic roof that can be made opaque or transparent on demand. High-tech, “magical” and useful, it also provides thermal protection, more space under the roof and less weight.
– Dacia Sleep 3-in-1 pack. Simple, removable and affordable, it turns Dacia Jogger into a real bedroom.
– n innovation that optimises the cooling of hybrid vehicle batteries through the clever use of air conditioning refrigerant


– The Supply Chain Control Tower secures supplies to factories by displaying in real time the positions and contents of all trucks travelling between suppliers and factories in all countries. It anticipates supply risks linked to the weather, traffic, etc. and recommends the best security solutions.


– Confirmation Runs”: a new type of test on all types of roads, with around a hundred of the Group’s testers at the wheel, identifying the latest areas for improvement to ensure that the vehicles are at the top of their game when they are launched in terms of driving pleasure, quality, and reliability.

Customer Relations

– Plug Inn, an application that brings together electric vehicle drivers and owners of private recharging points, in order to offer wider access to recharging.

Small & Smart”

– Use of Artificial Intelligence for zero-defect validation of driving aids.


– A new operating mode that places factories at the centre of collaborative handling (factory, engineering, network, after-sales) of incidentology and customer incident resolution.

– 2 special trophies were awarded by Luca de Meo, CEO Renault Group

– The first for an individual initiative to develop an industrial tool for the instantaneous, simultaneous, and precise positioning of the 48 wires of an electric stator.
– The second for an innovative painting process for two-tone vehicles that considerably reduces the use of certain materials (plastics and protective tapes) and cuts waste.

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