Minerva model S. The Belgian company “Minerva” since 1910 has specialized in production of the vehicles with valveless engine by Charles Yale Knight. The Knight engine was an internal combustion engine, designed by American Charles Yale Knight (1868-1940), that used sleeve valves instead of the more common poppet valve construction.

Minerva Cars of this model (with the motor of 4.5 l) had a great demand in the European and even the American high society. Among the customers were the kings of Belgium, Norway, Sweden and even Henry Ford.

Minerva company started out manufacturing standard safety bicycles in 1897, before in 1900 expanding into light cars and “motocyclettes”, particularly motorized bicycles which were a forerunner of motorcycles.

Vadim Zadorozhny’s Museum of EquipmentMoscow

Years of Issue: 1910-1912

Country of origin: Belgium

Issued: no data

Weight: 1715 kg

Power: 26 hp

Speed: 100 km / h

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