PTP-28 “Spider”. Fire brigade crane

Rescue from heights and extinguishing fires in the limited space of courtyards of old buildings, which abound in the central parts of cities and, first of all, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, are difficult for firefighters.

The company was faced with the task of creating a lifting mechanism for rescuing people and extinguishing fires at height, capable of penetrating into densely built-up yards in which combat deployment of overall high-altitude vehicles is impossible.

The rescue cradle with a load capacity of 300 kg with an additional platform has two entrances for unhindered access for firefighters in equipment and is equipped with an automatic leveling system.

The functions of the lift are controlled remotely from a radio remote control over a radio channel at a distance of up to 100 m or via an electric cable at a distance of up to 30 m, as well as from a control panel located on the chassis.

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