The luxury black ZIL 117 (engine 114, 6.8 L). Only 80 copies made in 1976. ZiL museum, Moscow

The ZIL-117 is a luxury sedan built by ZiL in USSR and first presented at the Autoprom (precursor of the Moscow International Motor Show) in 1977. Debuting in 1971, it was derived from the earlier ZIL-114.

Design of the ZIL-117 began in 1968, with the first prototype running in 1969.

The ZIL-117 shares the 6,959 cc (424.7 cu in) V8 engine also fitted to the ZIL-114. Maximum power output of 300 hp SAE Gross at 4,400 rpm was claimed, using a relatively high 9.0:1 compression ratio, fuel feed being via a single four-choke carburettor.

The car uses a two or three-speed automatic transmission and power steering came as standard. The factory claimed a maximum speed of between 118–125 mph (190–201 km/h).

The car was only 5,725 mm (225.4 in) long, compared to 247 inches (6,300 mm) for the ZIL-114, on a 3,310 mm (130 in) wheelbase (compared to 3,760 mm (148 in) for the ZIL-114. It seated five, rather than the seven of the ZIL-114.

One of the reasons to design the ZIL-117 was a need of a government car of an intermediate rank between ZIL-114 (reserved for highest state and party authorities) and GAZ-13 Chaika, appropriate for example for Politburo member candidates, and also as supporting cars in highest officials’ convoys.

There was also a convertible, the ZIL-117V, produced 1973-79 (for military parades on Red Square).

The ZIL-117 was replaced by the mechanically similar ZIL-115 (4104).

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