Jaguar MK V 3½Litre “Drophead”. White version

Jaguar MK V 3½ Litre “Drophead” from Malaga Museum (Spain). Made in UK in 1951, V6, 120 hp, 3.500 cc.

The Jaguar Mark V (pronounced mark five) is a luxury automobile built by Jaguar Cars Ltd of Coventry in England from 1948 to 1951. It was available as a four-door Saloon (sedan) and a two-door convertible known as the Drop Head Coupé, both versions seating five adults.

It was the first Jaguar with independent front suspension, first with hydraulic brakes, first with spats (fender skirts), first specifically designed to be produced in both Right and Left Hand Drive configurations, first with disc centre wheels, first with smaller wider 16″ balloon tyres, first to be offered with sealed headlamps and flashing turn signals for the important American market, and the last model to use the pushrod engines.

While the XK120 had a new overhead-camshaft XK engine, the Mark V retained the 1946-48 driveline including the overhead-valve pushrod straight-6 2½L and 3½L engines, now since 1946 produced by Jaguar, which the company had purchased from the Standard Motor Company before the Second World War and the four-speed single-helical gearbox produced by both Jaguar and the Moss Gear Company of Birmingham. Automatic transmission was not available at this time.

The 1½L Standard engine used in previous models was not offered in the Mark V. Claimed power output in this application was 102 bhp (76 kW) for the 2664 cc Mark V and 125 bhp (93 kW) for its more popular 3485 cc sibling.

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